I'm back

Been off line for a while due to a "late" laptop. I now am the proud owner of an Apple G4 Powerbook...and it works fine (and it was free). Hooray.

As far as knitting goes: I've been doing a bit of repairs... several sweaters...those turned out well...managed to fix a very fine boucle sweater...repeating the yarn and the pattern would have been impossible, but I was able to secure the edges with thread doing a blanket (buttonhole) stitch, and then filling in the dime sized hole with crewel wool thread ( a pretty close match) in a weaving technique). The repair is a pretty good, and best of all, is mostly hidden under the edge of the lapel.

The other big project to repair was an Orlon acrylic handknit afghan that a squirrel (who had come down a chimney and gotten locked in the basement) had made a very nasty nest in... lots of soot, a few tears, FEROCIOUS snags. The lady's (late) aunt had made it for her...and fortunately for me, had 2 skeins left over... It took the entirety of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice to tease all the snags back into shape and to swiss darn the repairs. 3 washings to get (most) the soot out. If she doesn't call me to deliver the package, I'll photo the repair for the blog.

Cheers all from a beautiful but hot Portland, OR.


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Welcome back! You've been missed.