Stupid Sweater Question

I've knitted hats, mittens and so on, and I want to knit a sweater. The heat in my office is laughable at best (came in one morning and it was under 50'F). The first snag I've run into is this: how can I tell if a pattern is a sweater for a woman or a man? Some state or imply they are designed for women, others say nothing.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Really a basic sweater is pretty unisex. You can tell a cardigan by the side the buttons are on. Of course, some sweaters are more "girly" than others. The might have bobbles, lace sections, etc. They are sized differently as well and you would have to make sure the arms and body are the right length. However, I would say that most sweaters could be worn by anyone.

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There were some good answers to a similar question asked a while ago, where a member posted a picture of a woman's sweater and asked what features of the design needed to be changed to make it into a masculine pattern. The answers, particularly from grandcarriage and knitmaniac, could be useful for you. You'll find it all at

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I guess (if you are a man) then the question is..would you wear it ? I hunted for a jumper to knit and just found one that I thought I would love to wear. So many great patterns out there, pick one you , or someone you are thinking of would actually wear. Have you joined ravelry? tons of patterns on there just search for man jumper.

Thanks for the help, guys.

I saw the article Britisher referred to (that's how I found this site to begin with!), but I was hoping that there was an easier answer. My taste circuits burned out years ago, so I have trouble figuring what 'goes together', 'looks good', 'not girly', etc.

I guess if I stick to a 'basic, unisex' sweater, I should be OK.

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Maybe you know about this site already:
There are hundreds (literally!) of free patterns there, and they are arranged in lots of different categories - "Men" is one of them.

Personally, I agree with runhuber - that basic sweaters are pretty unisex but that size is an important difference.

Good luck! You'll let us know how it goes, won't you?