Progress on my sweater

Hey guys. Wanted to show off a bit this morning and try to upload my first set of pictures. I have finally finished the Biker Boy Jacket from Son of Stitch and Bitch. I pinned it to the blocking board this morning. The body and stripes are knitted in Cascade 220 and the lining in the collar is Lion Brand Suede. I am really happy with it because it is the first sweater that I have knitted that actually fits!!! LOL. (I knitted two others that came out way too big.) Anyway, now all I have to do is sew the zipper in. This will be an adventure too since I have never done that before either.


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I love it, the colors are perfect! I have that book, maybe I'll add it to my queue.



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Smell you! Looks wonderful, and look at that snazzy blocking board. Envy envy envy....

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Some suggestions if you've never done them before...I put in a lot of zippers for clients... from wrong side (inside out) pin the closed zip in place with lots and lots of pins... turn it right side out, give it a bit of steam with an iron to settle the wool and see if you're happy how it looks...THEN baste it in with running stitches so it's secure and you won't have to deal with pins when you do the real sewing... I like to stitch near the zip with a hand backstitch (small) so it doesn't show on the front of the sweater, and tack the outside edge of the zip down with an overlock or blanket stitch...I fold the top edge of the nylon zip fabric at the tucking it under itself in a little triangle, trim and seal the edge if neccessary with a small soldering iron (I know, how butch!) and overlock that down as well. I find hand stitching zippers far better than machine stitching them. Very zen.

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Your sweater looks great, I love the colours.

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Congratulations...........what a great euphoric feeling when a garment really fits well! It happened to me again a few weeks ago! Keep up the good work and the acquisition of "posting photos" skills!

Knit on.........

Thanks for the tips Bob on putting a zipper in. The most helpful aspect of it is to point out how many skills one needs to have in order to intall the zipper properly...skills I am not sure I have. I am not even familiar with the different types of stitches you name!! Anyway, perhaps the advice I have received can be boiled down to this, "maybe I should take this to the local tailor and have him install the zipper lol!

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Great looking garment - congratulations on a fine piece of work! I've never put in a zip, but Bob gives good advice.

Ah, gauge - just accept it rules our knitting life!

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very nice job. i haven't braved zipper, yet, but i feel it coming on. good luck

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