Hi everyone

I am so happy that I found this site. At last, men that like to work with textile fibers. Hopefully I will learn how to post photos.
My main work is an prof. visual artist, a painter. Revcently I amd my friend have started an art and craft project in Lebanon. We have a blog: www.beitelfounoun.blogspot.com.
In the knitting world, Ihave just started something called "Kont" knitting. It is an old technique.
And I think it is so fun to think back in history, it was not allowed for women to knit, and the first union for knitters was the : "Stocking knitting union for men"
All the best from TrondE


Welcome to Men Who Knit! I am having a little trouble finding your web site but, your craft project in Lebanon sounds exciting. I too love to think of the history of men knitting. I have a great picture of fishermen knitting cable knit sweaters on the deck of a huge commercial fishing boat. Kinda different from the image we have in our time of knitting being a leisure pastime of women! Again, welcome glad to have you aboard.

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Hi Kurt
Thank you for your comment. I do hope that I find my way around in this site. Time will show. Sounds great with that photo you have.
My website is: www.tronde.no and the project is: www.beitelfounoun.blogspot.com
All the best from TrondE

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Welcome to the group. Your artwork is truly beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your knitting. I believe "Kont" knitting is what we call "Entrelac" according to the results of a google search.



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Hej! Vad roligt med en till skandinav!


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Hei du
Dette er en flott side og et fint tiltak for å fremme menns strikking.
Takk så mye for kommentaren

thanks for the website info. Your watercolors are wonderful. Several of them are absolutely luminescent.

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Welcome to Men Who Knit.

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Welcome to MWK! Our Scandinavian members always contribute such beautiful knitting.

Knit like the wind!

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