This is what I am knitting right now............

Hi everyone
I post a photo of what I am doing for the time beeing. It is an old technique called "Kont" the name refers to the backsacks that was made here in birch tree barch weaving. It is just so fun to knit this.
Maybe there is som other that is familiar with this technique. In a way it can remind of the Aran or Faroe knitting, but it is not the same.
All the best from TrondE


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Hi, and welcome to this site. Your work looks interesting, what will the final project be?

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Hi Stef
I call this "my blue jeans scarf" and I knit in silktweed, which is a yarn made of lambswool and silk.
Today I have been knitting one more pattern row so far......but the evening is still young. Now it is time to make a bread dough........
All the best from TrondE

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I've seen pics of a similar pattern. I like it!

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It looks similar to entrelac.

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That's a cool pattern! Care to spill the source?
I'd love to review it in an upcoming blog!

N. Mich

N. Mich