Hexagon/Triangle Afghan progress

Mmmmmm - I think I may have been getting a little smug. Look closely at the "hexagon" on the right side. Only after I'd finished an adjoining triangle did I notice that somehow I'd knitted that piece with 7 sides instead of 6!! So I'll be ripping out three triangles, the offending "hexagon" and reknit. One step forward, two steps back...


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I love the unexpected ways that modular knitting comes together and yours is a perfect example. I never would have guessed that the center would be a six pointed star, but then again I often times have trouble envisioning this kind of thing.

Nice work and great subtle color.

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I know. I didn't really think about it either. Now already thinking about a future design that hilites the star design. Thanks for the compliment!

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That is so cool. I can't get my head around how you do it. It's amazing to me.

Knit like the wind!

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Thanks! But the result is more impressive than the effort taken. Mainly, it's tenacity...