"Automated" Knitting Nancy

I don't mind knitting I-cord but it is a rather time consuming when I need a long piece for a hoodie tie. I bought this from Bond America at http://www.bond-america.com/products/embellish-knit.html.

This handy device cranks (literally) out I-cord quickly and easily. The package says it can be ideally used with the following yarns: Baby yarn, embroidery floss, cotton crochet thread, sport yarn, metallic yarns and floss, lightweight fancy yarns and lightweight chenille. I tested it (see attachment) and found it most satisfactory. For this test I used the acrylic yarn sample enclosed in the kit.

This is a very useful device to have around. I thought you might want to have a look at it in case it's unknown to you. I learned about it from a knitting blog.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Looks like a nice tool for some fast cord making. Thanks for sharing, I will have to look it up!

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What a great idea!

Do you think it could go up to worsted weight or not quite?

Grace and Peace,

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I have one of these, and when I first got it I wondered the same thing. So I tried it. Doesn't work so well. It can be done if you want to sit and fiddle with it and hand adjust about a third of the stitches. It get's frustrating as all get out. So no, worsted weight isn't much of an option.

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Thanks... just curious.

Grace and peace,

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I love this little machine. I-cords are extremely tedious. Worsted weight will definitely not work.

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I have one of these. A little trick I figured out was just to unply my main yarn and then run the single through this... worked just fine and it matched my main yarn. I found 10/2 perle cotton to be a little to thin. It worked, but the icord was a sort of open lattice. Worth the small price to be able to avoid the tedium.