Loop Knitting - What the heck?

"Looping for Fun and Profit - with the world famous Grant Looper!"

Have any of you seen such a thing? My partner brought this back from the US (he's a garage sale junkie) and thought that it must be about knitting.

From the instructions, it looks like the needle is threaded and then the tip is pushed in and out of the loops to create the fabric. I've not tried it but it looks like a combinations of punch embroidery and crochet. Maybe this is similar to nalbinding? There are patterns for a number of garments and the instructions call for increases and decreases, etc, just like with knitting. There are patterns for fishermans rib, moss stitch and picot edging. And, of course there is the pattern for the ever-popular "Ladies' Swinger Skirt'.

I intend to keep this around, just because it's so unusual. I'm wondering what anyone might know about it. It was made in Chicago, USA and the date is 1969.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I love all your book findings, this seems like a fun idea. The Cover Picture is worth a Million!

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hey Kiwiknitter,

I'm always fascinated by little devices and machines for crafting, this one really threw me, I'd be interested in seeing what the actual needle looks like. The following link is all I could find for it and it specifically mentions Grant's One Needle Looping. I think you're right, it's some combination stitch and might be similar to Nalbinding, but the fabric in the pictures looks too supple for what I usually think of as that type of stitch.


You've got more patience than I do, if I got my hands on that I'd have ripped it open and tried to make something within 5 minutes. You're also lucky to have someone to bring this to you. .

From the patent description, it sounds like a regular threaded needle with a crochet hook built in. Obviously, there are drawbacks since it's never caught on.


edit: sorry, didn't see the additional two pics of the needle and the instructions. Definitely looks like nalbinding up to that second row which looks like crochet. I'm jumping on eBay to find one of these!

I'm not a guy who knits (wrong sex), but I did find this kit at a second hand store today and was looking for anyone who might have used it before. Does look interesting! I have never heard of nalbinding before either...I'll have to get the whole thing posted on my blog...gives me an excuse to update it, since I haven't done that in a while!