Allegan Fiber Festival & Lucet

Most of you don't follow my regular blog, so I thought I'd put up a picture of what I bought at the Fiber Festival. Believe it or not, I only bought 1 (2) thing(s)... ok... 1 for myself another one for a friend :-)

It's a lucet -- used for making a cord (kind of like an i-cord but quicker and stronger). Cool, huh?!

If you're interested, I put some pictures from the festival and the Raverly meet-up on my flickr page at:

Grace and Peace,


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Hey Tim,
What great pictures of the fiber festival. I'm sure it was a good time for all. I didin't know until too late that a friend has family that lives in Allegan and she has been to the festival. I'm hoping next year i'll be able to go. I have never been to a fiber festival. Glad you had a great time

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It was really a great time. I'm not a spinner (yet....) ;-) and but there was still a lot to do. Lots of yarn, wheels, looms, knitting stuff, etc. My daughter (2 1/2 years) also had a great time checking out the sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats and angoras. She enjoyed (but was reaching her end) the sheep herding demonstration... mostly because the dog wasn't listening AT ALL and the sheep were being particularly uncooperative for that demonstration.

There was a pretty large Ravelry meet-up, and it was great to put some faces with people I've met online.

And since I didn't buy much, it was actually a very inexpensive day of entertainment - I spent $8 on the weekend pass (instead of $5 on the daily one) "just in case" I wanted to come back for a while on Sunday (which I didn't have time for).

The other major plus was that the weather was beautiful. Last time I went it was a thousand degrees out (ok.. probably 98...) but it was muggy and hot and the last thing I wanted to do was touch anything woolly... this year was a great year for petting...

Grace and peace,

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Didja look at spinning wheels?


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I did check out some wheels... The Babes (PVC wheel... kind-a cool, not "furniture-ish" enough), The Ashford Joy, Ladybug, Louet (S51), and almost by accident, the Lendrum.

Of course, since I'm don't really know much about spinning, my "checking out" a wheel is essentially, "hmm... do I like it? does it feel nice when I sit in front of it and pedal? does is squeek or shake or make any other annoying movements or ticks?" :-)

I went with a list of questions (the list you gave me, plus a few) which was VERY helpful and I tried to talk talk to people about wheels the owned (but didn't sell). In other words, I looked at the places that were selling and talked to the salespeople, and then I looked at the people I saw spinning (there were LOTS) and I asked them the same questions (didn't always get the same answers!) Some times the salespeople were more knowledgeable sometimes the owners were more helpful.

I came to the conclusion that I don't like the Babes. It's actually a cool idea but it shakes too much.
The Joy just didn't "feel right" to me.
The Ladybug (which my wife thinks is kind of cool) was ok, but just ok.
The Louet was the first one I liked, but the older ones seemed to wobble in a way that would annoy me and I don't think I like their tension system.
I LOVED the Lendrum. Really.. loved it!

Oh, I I've decided I like a double treadle over a single.

So... Here's where I sit. Right now, I'm still interested in trying out a Mach 1, but I'm no longer in love with it. I love the Lendrum, but I also want to try out the Kromski Sonata and Minstrel. The Sonata, because it's very foldable, but the Minstrel because it's just absolutely beautiful...

I know that's a very surface-level survey, but I'm not to buying yet so I suppose it's a start!

Thanks for the help.

Grace and Peace,

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Out of curiosity, have you ever tried using a drop spindle? I had a "Babe" for a while. I'll take a well balanced and lovely drop spindle over the "Babe" any day. And while a wheel is faster by the hour, a drop spindle is faster by the week.

I just wish I had enough time to do all the fibery things I want to do!!!

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I have tried a drop spindle... but didn't really like it. I should really pick up something besides a cheapo and see if I like it better... I know....

Time.... you have it... it's all about the time....

Hello? Time? Where are you? ..... Don't you like me any more? ....

Grace and Peace,