I'm scared....

OK, the summer of scarf making is coming to an end, and I've gotta do some blocking...

The wools I can handle, the alpaca I'm a little nervous about, and I'm scared to death of the Silk Garden....
Anybody done it? With the washing instructions being in japanese, and the supposed international symbols contradicting themselves, I'm scared of screwing it up... Any help? Please?


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just did some pieces of alpaca, cold water, little woolite, don't wring them but rather roll gently in large towel, then lay them out and pin to size. it was easy as pie.

we put birds on things

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but what about silk garden???

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I made a silk garden scarf recently in an ocean waves kind of pattern...I just pinned it out and then hit it with the steam from my iron and let it cool. Worked great for me, and no washing was involved. The steam really set the stitches, and the long stitches that were the result of wrapping the yarn around the needles all straightened out nicely.