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Well I am just starting on knitting a london beanie from a pattern I found online.  I was all excited with the needlemaster circ set I got until i realized if I knit on the circs I need to switch to dpns to finish the hat question since ive never used circs, just learning now, and def not used dpns, is there a way to avoid the dpns? or no. and if not,can someone point me to a good guide for how to knit with dpns.?


I strongly encourage you to learn how to knit with dpn's.  I taught myself and, although it feels clumsy at first, it isn't at all difficult.  Now I really enjoy it!  The most challenging part for me is the first round, but having started your project on circular needles you won't even have to deal with that. has a video that you might find helpful.  Don't stress out over it; knitting with dpn's only looks complicated.

Good luck!


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you could stop at the point where you have to decrease...and start knitting the rest of the hat flat... then just sew that small seam... Bill

Double pointed needles are not so bad & it's good to develop new skills! 

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Learning the Magic Loop technique will allow you to use a large circular to knit small things like hat tops, sleeves, socks, etc. without using double points. It's a great technique and has its uses. Eventually, though, you should branch out and try dpns. They are fun and a knitting tradition that goes back to the original knitted garments.

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I've knit 5 or 6 of the London Beanies.  They have been a HUGE hit.

I've knit them with a few of different yarns (Cascade 220, Lamb's Pride Worsted, Rowan Magpie) and have found the Magpie (as suggested in the pattern) works the best.  Wouldn't you just know that it was discontinued by Rowan a couple of years ago.  Thank goodness for Ebay!

The dpn's freaked me out at first but I got used to them quickly (I still prefer my Addi Turbos!)  One suggestion - I took a wine cork and sliced it into 6 pieces (sort of like little cork coins.)  I put one of the coins on the end of each of the dpns to prevent the stitches from falling off.  I assume that as I get more proficient I won't need the cork coins anymore.

The pattern calls for stripes.  I tried to use a couple of methods to prevent the jog that occurs when you change colors.  I didn't like the way it turned out so I'm living with the jog.  I expressed my disappoint to the lady at the LYS and she said a life-changing thing - "Dear, don't you realize that hand-knit items are supposed to LOOK hand-knit?"  Took a bit of the pressure off!

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The lady in the LYS is very wise!  I am my biggest critic because I always compare my knitted stitches to machine knitting and feel I'm falling short of perfect even though I know better.  It's heartening to hear this advice from someone else - Thank you!


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