Any Teaching Advice?


I've been away for a while and just got back to seeing how things were going here last week. I have a wee question that I hope you can advise me on.

My son's girlfriend's little brother wants to learn how to knit. He's 10, and he comes over for his first lesson tomorrow. I'm going to start him out on a cotton dishcloth. I know the cotton is less forgiving to work with, but I think that the instant gratification (well, ok, maybe not instant with a new knitter but as close as I can get) will go a long way to encouraging him to want to do more. I cannot imagine him spending a month (or more) working on a scarf.

My question is, where do we go after the first two dishclothes? one in garter and one in stockinette?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, I've never taught a child how to knit before- only a couple of adults.

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If it were me (which it's not so I don't know how much it matters) I would bother with a whole dishcloth in garter ... I teach Knit and Purl at about the same time and would make the first project a block pattern (say... 7K, 7P, 7 K...etc.) or maybe even the Idiot's Dishcloth (washcloth) - one of my favorite starter pieces.

Kids can pick up knit and purl pretty quickly if you don't suggest that one is harder than the other. YO and K2tog really aren't that hard either....

I know it LOOKS like a lot to throw at them quickly, but kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for....

Just an idea.

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How about a cable stitch dishcloth?
...he will already know the stitches...and cables look so complicated, (but they're not)...he'll be very proud of himself!

Why not ask the boy what he would like to do next after the dishcloths? He might surprise you with his level of confidence.

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The biggest problem for a lot of kids with any project is boredom! With something more then garter stitch to do he may well keep the interest.

I'd say a hat after the facecloth. Maybe a simple ribbed beanie?

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Mittens. Knit, perl, k2tog, m1 are needed. fold them and sew together. With the small hand size, each one is only a few hours work.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I say a Hat on the flat , like a short row hat, then you can teach him how to do a kitchener's stitch. A scarf with a repetitive pattern, but do ask him and see what he wants to learn and choose a compromise. Good luck!