Crayola Edge Baby Wrap

As we go along and discuss our projects we get uplifted and our vibration changes to the ability to create cloth with our hands and two sticks. I want to share with you my Crayola Edge Baby Bath Wrap-Blanket, it is my own design as you know and you can find the link on Ravelry or on my personal blog on blogspot, or if you follow my blog here it is in prior posting I believe. I did something very different this time. I made the I-Cord on the Blanket 's edge first , all around, then I joined the hood or pouch area with a single crochet and double crochets(Double only on the Top). One of the things that I did different than before is using two strands of yarn to make an I-Cord. I really liked the way the I-Cord Came out, I used the multicolor strand and the main color strand and it made it blend very easy. The edge looked more full and more professional. If I make this again I will be using the double strands of yarn on the I-Cord and use the I-Cord to join the pouch or hood area. Benjamin is modeling the Baby Bath Wrap/ blanket. There is one attachment with the blanket unwrapped. Thanks for stopping by!

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