Look what I found on the Internet!

Stay patriotic and keep your willy warm..stand to attention for you country. This cosy wool willy warmer will do all that.

Price: £2.99
Click Here at Your Own Risk!

Full Specification:
knitted wool willy warmer
one size fits most


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Andres...I am completely appalled!

That is crochet!...not knitting for goodness sakes...is this the MWC forum or MWK?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Can't we do a conversion from crochet to knit lol! Those Crocheters seem to be having a more diverse pattern pool lol!

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Actually, I have a pattern for a knitted Willie Warmer on my web log:


There's even a link to a picture of the finished garment.


I seriously considered modeling it on my web page so that folks could see that it really does work to keep things warm, but the pictures I took of me in it seemed a little too pornographic for a pseudo-married man.

Plus the color orange makes me look fat.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I found a knitted pattern and posted it, so forgive my lapsus crochetus! lol!

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I like the separated ball sac though.