Knitting in Public, Alamo Square Video

I will have a Video later on, and I will add the video to this posting, I am uploading the video to You tube. It is a bit windy so if you can lower the bass on your system, you will be able to enjoy the video. In the meantime here is a picture of me with the Ladies, The Victorian Style Houses on Alamo Square that are in almost all Postcards. There is also a view of the city in the Background, The City by The Bay! You can turn the sound off if youlike there are annotations that po up and tell you what is going on. Just discovered how to do it on You Tube.


I've joined wool before and have gotten it to work; but, you pulled apart the fibers a little and achieved the same result in 1/20 the time it takes the way I did it. Thanks for the pointer, I'll definately try it. Looks like a nice day, a nice breeze, beautiful park. I love a good breeze, it makes all the difference.

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Look at that the painted ladies...I was just up that way today, well im there alot its just 3 blocks from me lol

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...