More socks

Two pairs of recently finished socks, Twisted Stitch pattern from The Knitting Man(ual) and a pair of generic socks. The Merlot coloured yarn is from and Wild Things is by Lisa Souza at lisaknit./com
knitted with 2.25 dpns.

The colour of Wild Things is not accurate, it is much darker, shades of teal/dark chocolate/purple with splashes of bright rust and white.

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I don't know why; but, I'm afraid to do a sock. I have such big feet, and I'm diabetic, I'm afraid it either won't fit, or will be too tight. And that needle size, that's the smaller #1 size, I've never seen multiple sizes of #1. Just need to look harder, I guess. Oh, I forgot the best part, they look perfect, very nice.
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Beautiful socks. I don't seek the merlot colored ones.



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They didn't attach so I've done a separate entry.

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Kerry, a great pair of socks. Aren't they fun?? I admire your patience to rib for that length. I usually give up after an inch or so.

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Kerry, You definitely are the sock meister! I love the colours and the pattern in the merlot pair.

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Thanks to all for your comments.