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Ok guys. I'm looking for opinions here. How wide do you like your scarves to be? I usually try to get them between 60 and 70 inches (1.52 - 1.78 meters) long, but am always torn about the width. What's your personal preference? I.E. What do YOU like to wear?



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If it's a scarf for warmth in a thicker fabric, I like them to be 7-9 inches. If they're more of an accessory, it would vary.

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Good point, QueerJoe. Thanks for the data point.

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I have been making my scarfs about 8 inches wide.



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Thanks for the data point, Randy.

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I go for the narrower - probably 5 - 7 inches; unless Fimbelwinter has struck - in which case I'm really going to prefer a n "almost stole" of 12 to 14 inches wide..

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As always, MMario, thanks. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Most of the scarves I've knitted have been between 6 to 8 inches.

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Thanks stch!

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I think most of my scarves knit for men have been 7-8"; a bit narrower, about 5-6" for women.

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Thanks for the info!

I go by the size of the neck of the person for whom I am making the scarf. Like a turtleneck thing. Unless it's a double wide and ment to be folded, I've found that neck width suits my personal taste for what looks goon on someone. My wife has a swan neck, and so she gets the wide scarf; I on the other hand have no neck. ("That man has no neck!") A neutral scarf made for her, still looks a little funny on me. If I fold it, it's too small, and unfolded, too big. If it's made for tucking into clothing in a colder climate, I add a few inches for tucking. So... no hard fast rule. I do know that the length should be the height of the person for whom it is being made, as a general rule.

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Thanks for the input! I'll be taking each of these things into consideration!

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I think for me, it depends a lot on what type of yarn and pattern I'm doing as well. If it's a thinner yarn using a flatter (i.e., not-ribbed) pattern, I'd do it wider and longer for more bundling. If it's thicker yarn and you're doing a rib of some kind (which automatically "bunches it up"), I think a little narrower and a little shorter is okay. If you bundle up something thick and ribbed too much, it can overwhelm. I tend to prefer narrower scarves for myself, anyway, but it seems like most guys I've made scarves for like them wide, wide, wide.

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I get what you mean about the ribbing for sure. Thanks for the input!

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I tend to go an inch or two thicker than the length of my neck...(ie: from right under where my collar bone meets at my neck to about a half inch or so along the bottom of my jaw (underside of my mandible).
but again, sometimes i like it really wide and long, sometimes i like it thin-ish and long. i always opt for long scarves. when it's bitter f*ckin cold, i wanna wrap that shit around me like an igloo for an eskimo!

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So flexible and yet so technical. I love it!