FO Charlottes Web Shawl

I finished the Charlotte's Web Shawl from Knits from a Painter's Palette. I didn't use Koigu as the pattern called for, but Noro Kureyon Sock yarn on size US-6 needles. The body took 1 skein, and the edging and fringe took about 1/3 of another skein. Lori from my LYS is the model in the pic.


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That is a GREAT use of Noro Sock yarn...I just bought two balls of it, and I was planning on making socks, but I may decide to make the "Koigu" Cross Stitch Scarf instead. I bet it would look great.

Thanks for the ideas.

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Superb work. Did you manage to get it back off Lori once the photo was taken.? It looks like it really suits her.

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Yes, Lori gave it back, however, the LYS owner has borrowed it for display by the Noro Kureyon Sock Yarns....

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Very nice! Did she dress specifically for the photo shoot? Her Outfit matches perfectly.


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No it was not planned, the shawl was tried on by several people, and her outfit just 'clicked' with it, so we took the pics