Where's your favorite place to knit?

I'd love to hear about your favorite place to knit. For me, there's nothing more better than sitting on our front porch swing knitting and listening to the world go by. Yesterday was the perfect day here in Vermont (USA): blue sky, puffy white clouds, gentle breezes, listening to the gentle babble of the brook across the road, waving to the occasional bicyclist passing by, chatting with the neighbor driving by on his tractor. And making progress on the double-knit hat I'm currently working on!


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That sounds ideal. I enjoy knitting in bed with a cup of coffee next to me.

This works both at home for me and in the many hotels where I stay.

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What a wonderful description accompanying the beautiful picture. My favorite place to knit is sitting in our living room near the fire, listening to classical music, looking out the window and across the street to the Pacific Ocean...........no matter the weather, but especially on bright sunny days............which don't occur too often in Oregon!

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Lovely! Reminds me of the farm country of my youth. Now my favorite place to knit is on our balcony overlooking the Bosphorus.

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I love to sit in my recliner and knit, usually with a cat in my lap.



I have a chaise lounge that is part of a sectional that looks out of floor to ceiling windows onto our terrace and beyond that a shrub border where we have a bunch of bird feeders and humming bird feeders. I especially love this in the winter when it is all snow covered.

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We live in an old English bungalow with a traditional sleeping porch upstairs which is now our TV room. It faces north (the warm side down here on the globe) and I love to sit in my favourite overstuffed arm chair and knit. I get lots of lovely sun over my shoulder and the company of my partner, our son (at times), the dogs and budgie.

I loved the photo of your veranda. It reminds be of the photos I've seen of the NE part of the US and also of the Shaker colonies which I find fascinating.

Knit like the wind!

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Like you - on my front porch, except mine doesn't have a swing.

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Looks like a beautiful spot to sit, knit and watch the world go by.

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Love outdoors knitting......

Love to knit outdoors, weather it is in my backyard in out outdoor room that we have created behind our garage, with a water fall close by. Or another place is to be by a campfire during the day, or on the beach, just about anywhere I can get some outdoors knitting done. And then I like to knit in bed just before going to sleep with a cup of tea, or a mike's hard lemonade.
Barry, the Kilted Knitter

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I love sitting in my music-room, listening to opera, usually Handel, singing along, though I can't sing, and critisizing the orchestra for not being as good as me!

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Perhaps I'm a bit different... LOL I enjoy knitting on the couch while watching TV. Typically, it has to be something I've seen before (I've got a billion movie and TV show DVDs) so that the newness of it doesn't distract me too much. But when I get in the groove of a pattern, I don't need to focus too much on the knitting. Ideally, my dog is on my lap and since the dangling yarn tickles her, I usually end up draping a little baby blanket over her.

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