Kilt socks

I'm wanting to knit some kilt socks for my fabulous Irish (Dublin) future husband, er "friend". Does anyone have a favorite or a nice link. I'm thinking warm winter ones. I NEVER EVER EVER want to knit on teeny tinny sockweight yarn needles again. So light worsted or better, please.


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here u go Robert this link might help

Jedwards's picture here's another pattern

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Thanks...I'll probably use these as the basis for my design. (I have to adulterate any new pattern... it's what I do).

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I'd suggest checking with Dr. Mel (Cabezalana). He did some pretty cool ones (pic). I think he used pretty fine yarn but I'd bet he checked out some other patterns before deciding on what to do....)

I personally love the cables on these and would consider them if I ever wore long socks... or kilts... (be thankful I don't... be VERY thankful!)

Grace and Peace,

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I haven't knitted any kilt hose, but I have crocheted several pair. My favorite set used a wool/nylon yarn from Jarbo Garn called "Raggi". (At least I think that's correct.) It is imported from one of the Scandinavian countries, not sure which one. The yarn is a relatively bulky worsted weight. Because of the size, I suggest a simple pattern; anything complex would get lost. You can work with a toe-up pattern and just keep going on the uppers or work with a traditional pattern and just add on to the uppers. Don't forget to leave room for the calf and enough length for the cuff.

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Kilt socks!
..I knit them all the time...usually double strand...on 6,7 or 8 needles...
I use approximately 64 stitches for cast on...simple cable patterns for the cuff...( about three inches deep)...then three inches of 2x2 ribbing...then turn sock inside out, and start the leg cable pattern.
I knit down about three more inches...then start decreasing two stitches at center back...ans decrease two stitches every other row...until I reach the amount I need for the ankle.
usually fourty something stitches...then do a regular sock foot.

I knew when I read Bob's original post that a response from you would not be long in coming, and of course you did not disappoint. When will you post another pic of one of your kilt sock creations?


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double strand WHAT? worsted, dk, sport, sock?

Yer gonna make me design this myself, aren't ya? (which I probably would anyway...)

How tight are your hose knit? Are they bullet-proof until they're washed?

(Thanks for the help, BTW...

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my first few pair were two strands of Anny Blatt 50gr-180m...a bit lighter than worsted...
...I finished a pair with two strands of trekking and one strand alpaca...they're all soft...not see through, but not dense..
...most of my combinations are equal to double strand worsted.

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I made this pair.

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If you don't want to have to design them yourself, you might try this pattern:

Joyful Knitting!

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i just found a book I forgot I had..."Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and
Knickerbocker Stockings" by Veronica Gainford. (dowager Lady Gainford)
...a delightful little book from Schoolhouse Press.