Completed Lace (almost)

Just finished my latest lace least the knitting portion.

I still have to finish blocking the piece.

This picture shows it partially pinned out, but I still have to wet it and pin it out thoroughly.

I used an alpaca lace weight yarn from Briar Rose Fibres called Angel Face in a beautiful green/yellow mottled yarn.

Edited to include additional details:

Started: 18-JUL-2008
Finished: 24-AUG-2008
Needle Size US2 (3 mm)
Size: Approximately 42" square, but will hopefully group a couple of inches.


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Beautiful work, Joe. Can't wait to see it blocked and see all the lovely details open up. Congratulations.

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Gorgeous! That would put me over the edge trying to keep track of where I was in the pattern. Looking forward to seeing it blocked.



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A truly gorgeous work of art. You are so talented.

What a gorgeous piece, Joe. Like Tom, I can't wait to see it blocked.

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Beautiful work. I'm another one waiting to see it blocked out.

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Joe: That is awesome. I would love to try that as my next project. Where is the pattern located at? Thanks.

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The pattern is from a book of Modern Lace by Naoko Ichida (he re-graphed designs by Herbert Niebling).

I've only seen the book sold by Lacis at:

Their web site isn't overly easy to'll have to do a text search on that link for Ichida if you want to find the two lace books by Ichida.

I have to's intriguing to think of you driving a semi-truck across country and whipping out your Niebling lace project at the local truck stop...:)

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog This is a nice colorway, I enjoy the pattern designs. Thanks for sharing!

OMG, what patience! That is beautiful beyond description. How long did it take you to do it? I aspire to that kind of greatness; I just don't know if I have the patience. God willing... one day.
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Absolutely stunning - what are the dimensions??



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Looks Fabulous, Joe. I'm sure it'll be even more spectacular after wet blocking.

Another Ichida conquered, congrats.

Does this one have an alter ego as a named Niebling, or only the Ichida name?

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Thanks guys...this design was definitely attributed to Niebling and Ichida just re-charted it in Japanese.

Kind of cool that an American man who speaks only a handful of words of German or Japanese knit a German man's design re-charted by a Japanese man.

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That's turned out really lovely, Joe, and what a beautiful gentle colour.

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I agree with all of the above. Please don't forget to show us a photo after it's been blocked out.

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Amazing work, I have knitters envy

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Inspirational! Thats all thats left to say...


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This beautiful BEFORE blocking! I look forward to seeing more pictures.


OMG!!! It looks great! How large did it turn out? I am working on the same pattern as we speak. Just finished the intermediate round with the three yo's... (round 122) and almost done. I am using eco wool and it looks as if I am going to go into my fourth hank. Only had three and now have to order one more. This pattern takes so much yarn. I feel that if I can complete this pattern, I can do ANYTHING!!! LOL

Thanks for sharing your completed one and also, did you run across a mistake on one of the rounds? Had to talk to someone at Lacis and they looked it over and came to the same conclusion as well.

Can't wait to see your's blocked!!!




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The picture show it at about 42 inches square, but I'll let you know the final measurements when complete blocking this weekend.

I never found a mistake in the pattern, but I have to admit, if there was a mistake, I would probably have just figured it was my lack of concentration and just fudged the stitches to make the count work.

What round did you find the mistake?...Lacis should put up an errata page.

Your doily came out beautiful, the color is great as well. It has taken me a lot longer to go through those rounds than I expected and talk about eating up lot and lots of yardage with those knit three into one stitch.

The error was on Round 93 the chart has it as sk5p and when I did that I was missing four stitches. So when we looked at the chart again the stitche s/b sk4p for all sk5p giving you back four stitches.

Hope that makes sense. I think that is what they are going to do the correction. Just wished that they made the charts a little larger!!!

I should hopefully have mine done in about a week or so...

Going to be much larger than yours, as I am using worsted weight and US10 needles. Will block and show you the final on here as well.