Taking A Break From Lace

I decided to work on something a little more simple with my latest project.

A while back, I designed a scarf that uses two colors of Koigu. I thought it might work well with a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn I bought, so I'm working on that now.

It's moving along quite quickly and I imagine I'll have it finished sometime this long weekend.

I've attached a closeup picture of the stitch pattern as well.

Image icon Noro Cross Stitch 08-27-98 Close.jpg971.57 KB


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I hope this question isn't too silly, but are you using the 2 circ's for length? Is there a benefit to this rather than using ane extra-long circular?

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Not a silly question at all.

One of the rows in this pattern stitch requires you to wrap the yarn around the needle 4 times to get the elongated stitch, and with so many stitches on the needle, they bunch up a lot and are difficult to push along.

Someone gave me a great tip...on the multi-wrap row, switch to a larger size needle and only wrap it twice and it's a lot easier to move the stitches.

The picture shows me on one of those rows.

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Trying to get my mind around this. Do you just double the size of the needle? i.e. from 3mm to 6 mm. Also what does this do to the "normal" stitches in the row (the non multi-wrap stitches), don't they come out too big?


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Since the pattern calls for a US5 needles (3.75 mm), it would seem likely to double that and got to a 7.5 mm needle, but I don't find that big is required. I go up to a US10 needle (6 mm) and it works out fine.

I also only use the US10 needle on the mult-wrap row and then switch back to the US5 needles for all other row.

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Still looks suspiciously like lace, LOL! Very interesting stitch. Look forward to seeing photos when completed.

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Very cool scarf. I checked it out on Ravelry and will add it to my ever growing queue. I like the idea of using the larger needle on the yo's.