The knitting gods must be angry with me (II)

Only recently I was sympathising with StuartWS who got the feeling that "The knitting gods must be angry with me".

Well, it's my turn to think the deities of woolcraft might be picking on me.

The great big aran sweater I'm working on has had a bit of a setback. Originally planned to with a raglan shoulder, by the time I'd reached the lower arm gusset, I'd decided that the moss stitch areas weren't going to look right.

Plan B was to continue knitting in the round, with a crocheted steeks at the arms... Then my sleeves didn't quite fit and I hate sewing knitted fabric anyway.

So now I've picked up stitches at the arms and am knitting sleeves from the shoulder to cuff, gansay style.

And to cap it all, I've just spotted the an incorrect cable in the final row before the 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders.

All this notwithstanding, I adore my cabling and I've learned masses. Photos will follow once those sleeves are done.

What next?