MWK downtime

Don't know about the rest of you, but I had a distinct feeling that I'd lost something important when MWK went off-line due to high band-width usage. I visit this site at least daily, often more. Sooo glad it's back, I've missed you all.


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Yipee... we're back... I felt like someone chopped off one of my arms for the day....

Love you all...

Grace and Peace,

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Ditto to all your comments. I kept trying back over several hours...... and felt "disconnected"! Great to have you all back. Cheers, -John

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Glad to know that it wasn't my computer! Did miss the contact throughout the day!

Now I can knit on.................knowing that there is a connection to everyone else!


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I sent a donation...just in case...
I'd be lost without MWK...!

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Thanks, Bill!

The amount of bandwidth we use sharply increased, but we should be safe and sound should another spike occur.

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Good, it wasn't just me- I was going through withdrawls! Missed you guys!

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I am so glad it is back up! I hate being out of contact :)

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I'm glad the site is accessible again... that was bizarre - I guess we were all trying to access it at the same time!

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I also missed not being able to check in with all the great guys and gals on this site.



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I don't know when this happened, since I always check into the site at least once a day, and I never had any problems. Was it only for a short time when I was busy working? Or was it only on some american servers because of that ruckus going on down there?

No matter -- we're back again, and that's all that matters.

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for was down late Friday night and most of Saturday..."Bandwidth exceeded"

Ahhhh, absence makes the heart grow fonder =)

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MWK would be lost without you guys!