My First Pair of Socks!...

...and they only took three months to complete (I can’t believe how fast some of you guys and gals knit).

I must say I’m pretty pleased with them….well, the second more than the first but that’s what experience brings, right? Never having used double pointed needles before, I knit the first sock on the two needles farthest from me, then I took a sock class at my LYS and the teacher showed me how most knitters knit on the needles closest to them, so that’s how I knit the second sock. Did you know that the side you knit on can affect your gauge? I do now. Sock one is about an inch longer and ½ an inch wider than sock two. Sock one also has some pretty bad laddering, especially down the center of the sole. Live and learn. I really had fun knitting these and would recommend it to anyone considering it. I’ve already bought the yarn for my next pair, but I think I’ll take a break and knit something else before I tackle the second pair.

For those who are interested, here are the details:

Yarn: Kertzer “On Your Toes”
Material: 75% Bamboo, 25% Nylon
Needle size: US 4
Pattern: Twin Rib from “Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch


Hi Thinman.
You did a good job for making a pair of socks I have never made a pair in my life . Keep on going making socks . Wally

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Congatulations!! It really doesn't matter how long it took you to make a pair of socks. The important thing is that you have a pair of hand knit socks. I, too, have a bit of laddering but it disappears after the first wash. Have you washed yours yet? Congratulations, too, on conquering those dp's.

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I started a pair of socks and found even the cast on too complicated (it was, I eventually found out, a tubular cast on which I've yet to master). So my socks are still in the project bag :o(

Top marks to you for seeing yours through and I'm inspired to return to mine soon.


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Great job! Keep up the good work. As for the size difference, you may find that, after wearing them a little, they'll even out some. Same with the laddering. Aren't DPs fun? I always feel like I'm doing something "different" when I use them... (maybe sounds dumb, but it's true.)

Grace and Peace,

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Yes, DPs ARE fun! I still am amazed at how the non-working needles don't just slip out and fall on the floor. I think observers are impressed by all those sticks too. :)

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Great first pair! Be wary though, socks can become very addictive.



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I congratulate you! They look good to me and if they are wearable, that's the point, right? Some day maybe I'll learn how to knit properly and use dp's or even those new-fangled circulars. Some day...

They look great! Congratulations. I've got two skeins of sock yarn that I keep in a plastic bag, in my current project bag, as if I'm going to knit a pair of socks next. Yup, sure, if you believe that one.... they've been there over a year. I refuse to put them in a yarn bin because then I know I've resigned to not trying to make them for a long while, like a year isn't long enough. (he can do it, I can do it...he can do it, I can do it...he can do it, I can do it...) nope, not happening yet. (sigh) Good job, takes guts.


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Congratulations on your socks. Re the laddering on the sole, I used to get that when I knitted socks on 3 needles with the 4th as the working one. Since I've started having the sock on 4 dpns with the 5th as the working one I don't get that problem.

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Congratulations on the first pair of socks! I've been knitting socks for about eight years now, and I think they are still my favorite project. The first time I saw someone using DPNs on a sock, I asked "How do you know which needle to knit with?" That seems funny now, but at the time, it looked so complicated!

Another hint on minimizing ladders is that as you knit the stitches off a needle, knit the next stitch (or two) off the next needle as well. That way you aren't having the same location where the needles meet. Works great for me. You should mark your beginning spot of your round with a marker, though, as you will lose track of where that is with the stitches moving from needle to needle.

The only place you can't do this is when you've turned the heel and are knitting the gusset. As a result, I always have a bit of a ladder in the heel, which is of course the worst place to have one. But I've not found a solution for that yet.