Scarf Exchange

Almost done! At least the dog likes it. Found him taking a nap on it earlier today.

Jonathan in DC


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awe how sweet

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AWWWWWW THE POOKERBEAR!! (that's my nickname for my lil shitface :P)

btw, is that 2-color brioche? i'm envious...i can't knit that to save my life

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Good eye!

It's a brioche stitch, but it's just a variegated yarn, not two colors.


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I think you are being given a hint.....pup wants a scarf!

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Beautiful scarf and adorable dog, guess you'll have to make him one.


The Brioche Stitch, awesome, something new to try, thank you. I would love to see a close up of the scarf stitches just for reference. I've looked up Brioche, and I can see it's not going to be just a quick learn. The scarf is real nice and looks like it would make a great first Brioche project for me. I can't wait. I'll have to back burner if for now: 1)Other ongoing projects 2)Printer low on toner. Probably #2 holding me back more than anything. :-)


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Your dog is adorable! I love his color.

I like the scarf too!

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Precious! Great photo!

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Fabulous scarf! And obviously your dog approves as well.

LOVE the colorway!! What yarn and colorway is it??