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My partner's best friend, Ted (http://www.deadrobot.com/) from Toronto and his legally wedded husband, Mich (http://sharkboy.ca/) (Canadians are so progressive!) came down to Saugatuck, MI for camping Labor Day weekend so we went up to meet them. Ted is an avid Earl Grey tea drinker who - reportedly - has an impressive tea cozy collection. I found this pattern kit for "Shiela The Sheep" tea cozy up at Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills in Mount Horub, WI and knew I had to knit it up for him. Knitting the body was a breeze in the "flying wings" cable but the head and neck gave me a way to go... I just wasn't able to follow the pattern as written. After starting and froggin it six times over, I re-typed the directions - much more explicitly that the original pattern so that I could keep better track of where I was! Once I did that, I finished it in a morning!

Shiela is such a cutie! Oddly reminiscent of "Lambchop." Blessedly Ted & Mich loved it!

I have no idea how they were able to smuggle livestock over the border into Canada, but here is a picture of her snuggled up to fine china and a spiffy looking toaster!!

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Getting Sheila into Canada was probably no problem; especially since she had gainful employment waiting; however, without proper documentation she will probably never be able to return to the land of her birth. After all, she could be a terrorist!

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Well, she DOES have shifty eyes!!

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Sheila is a fun looking tea cosy.