Paws to Remember

Here's another great lace pattern written by Evelyn Clark for Fiber Trends!

From the first paragraph of the pattern description: "Celebrate the canines who have accompanied you on your life's journey with this garter stitch lace scarf. Simple chevrons symbolize the river of life inside the border of paw prints." I thought it an appropriate item to make to be one of the auction items at this year's local Italian Greyhound Rescue Reunion & Fundraiser.

I did this with about three and a half skeins of Elsebeth Lavold "Silky Wool" on size 7 Addi lace needles. The finished scarf measures about 10 inches wide and a whopping 9 feet long! The scarf in the picture on the pattern was 29 repeats of the chevron pattern. I did 40!

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I hope your auction raises lots of money because this is truly beautiful.

Britisher's picture

I soooo don't do lace, but your project is simply stunning. Great technique and a fantastic choice of colour. Hope it raises lots for your charity.

You are such a great guy Aaron. Beautiful job sir. By the way, here at school I am next door to a Greyhound Racing Track. You should drive down and we will can sneak them all out. Let's do it, OK?

Banjo Lee Jones

All I can say is wow. Beautiful job executed in the perfect color. Good luck with a very worth while fund raiser. (My sister used to work at a dog track in Florida and said the conditions were aweful for the dogs. When she couldn't stand working there any more she stole a dog that was about to be put down and left the state!!!) She knits with balls too. LOL

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Gorgeous! I'm sure it will be a hit at the auction.



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Looks great, you've done a terrific job.

Aaronknits's picture

Thanks guys! It fetched $70 in our auction. Not bad. Overall we rasied a bit over $1600 for Italian Greyhound Rescue. About the cost of one broken leg which we see most frequently with the foster dogs!

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Wonderful scarf. Wonderful cause. I'm especially grateful for your commitment to such a great charity. My partner and I are soon approaching the one year anniversary of losing our beloved greyhound. We adopted from a rescue group and he shared our lives for about 12 years. We still aren't really used to not having him with us. So keep up the good work.