Men's Fall Knitting Retreat - Next Steps (Timing, Classes & Payments)

Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat 2008
November 7-9
Point Bonita YMCA (Marin Headlands), California, USA

Hello Everyone,

Sorry about "going quiet" there for a bit, but I really needed a break. The long weekend for Labor Day was made longer by a couple of extra days, but I'm recharged and back on track for the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat planning and I have some updates!

1. Final edits are being made on a cool logo for the Men's Knitting Retreats created by Franklin Habit. Yes, that Franklin. Besides being a really sweet guy and fabulous knitter, Franklin is an accomplished artist, cartoonist and soon-to-be author! We are most thrilled to have his work represent the MKR collective. As soon as we get that, we'll be sharing with all of you. And, don't worry, we'll be putting it up on Cafe Presse so that you can get your teeshirt, tote, trucker cap and other branded goodies!

2. The timing for confirmation, contracts and money transfers is as follows: I will need to know if you are 100% sure coming by September 15th. After that, I'll confirm with YMCA our numbers after which I will receive a contract around September 18th. Two weeks after that, October 5th, I will need your monies in full. Normally with more time in advance of our date, there would be a deposit payment and then a final balance payment, but in this case, they will require payment in full at the beginning of October. This is basically one month from now. I prefer that you send the money to me as a PayPal payment to The total amount is: $180. This breaks down as follows:
$148 per person – Point Bonita Retreat fee
$8.50 per person – Environmental Education fee (based on $75 total)
$10 per person – MFKR Administrative Fees (helps us with printing, gas, time spent online, etc.)
$10 per person - Men's Knitting Retreat fee (this will help us setup MKR website and other costs)
$3.50 per person - PayPal fees
$180.00 - Total Weekend Cost Per Person (does not include the cost of airfare if you're flying)

3. I have a list of potential classes below. Please reply with you interest in any or all of these OR if you wanna teach something I've left out.
Drop Spindling - (Michael Wade)
Sock Design/Techniques - (Stephen H)
Crochet/Men's Designs - (Doug L.)
Short Rows/Entrelac - (Brian K)
Men's E-zine brainstorm/discussion - (Darrel Farris)
Twined Knitting demonstration - (Ivar A)
Freeform Knitting - (Kyle K)
Lace Intro - (Ted M) note: Ted *might* not be able to attend

4. We are planning on having an ice breaker on the first night and some type of contest for the more exclusive/one-off donations. We're ironing that out, but this activity will allow us to get better acquainted. Be thinking about interesting and intriguing info that people might not know about you or your craft. As we get closer, we'll publish a schedule of activities/classes/etc.

5. Have a neglected anything? If so, drop me a line

So, to recap, I NEED you to do the following:
1. Reply With Yes or No for your attendance. Yes, means that you are able to send me full payment of $180 via PayPal by October 1st.
2. Reply with the classes you are interested in attending/teaching
3. Let Me Know if you have any questions or concerns.

Getting really excited about the retreat, my friends!!!!!

Take care,

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i prolly missed it somewhere, but where exactly is Point Bonita?

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Hey PaganClub,

Here's a link to the Point Bonita Retreat site:

Basically it's just north of San Francisco, CA. You go over the Golden Gate Bridge and you are in the Marin Headlands. It's about 10 minutes northwest of that point.


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It's funny when a typo changes a person's nick. Years ago, I was chatting with someone who typed mine as "fuxxed". :)

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I will be there, remember there is a limit to the amount of skeins of yarn you can take with you , lol!