Bad week of knitting

Ive had the worst week of knitting, One I hate this yarn i bought. Carons simply soft.  It untwists and splitts easly.  I thought the red heart was bad.  I would rather go back to red heart and burn this crappy yarn.  I have six projects  going and none of them near completion.  I need to knit something up fast so i can finnish something.  The socks im working on i have been working on for a while.  im still on the leg of the first sock.  the kite string or yarn is so small and the needles so small they arnt knitting up as fast as what i was led to believe.  How could anyone get satisfaction out of socks. you could spend months on just one pair.  Sorry just needed to vent.


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This reinforces my knitting philosophy to knit only the patterns you like, work with only the needles you enjoy using and fingering only the fibers you love.  Using less than appreciated equipment and supplies can only lead to dissatisfaction, unhappiness and frustration. 

I'm afraid I'm just way too anal-retentive to have more than one project going at the same time.  I have to focus on just one pattern or else I get everything confused and mixed-up.  I know there are many others who don't have this problem and my hat's off to them!

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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Once you finish your first pair of socks and wear them, you will understand about sock knitting. Socks are also my favorite travel project, as they are easy to work on when traveling. I just make the other person drive if we are going by car.

The Second Sock Syndrome, as Lars is dealing with, can also be challenging. You have a finished item, but you are only 1/2 done because you have to make another. It reminds me a what a friend of mine says. He makes costume jewelry and often has said that he loves to make big, pushy earrings, but he hates to make two.

I multi-project to keep myself interested. But then I won't mention my number of WIPs.

Hi Bear.  Six projects on the go at once is an awful lot - daunting, I'd say.  You say you need to knit something fast in order to get something finished.  I don't think it's necessarily about the finishing, it's the starting.  If you feel inspired at the start,  the pattern and wool are exactly what you wanted then the enjoyment of a garment appearing in front of you will rapidly carry you through to the end.  If you're suffering from 'knitting burn-out' and you genuinely won't complete these projects then give them to a charity shop.  Keeping them hanging around is only a reminder of an awful lot of unsatisfying work to be finished off - drudgery is not good knitting psychology.  As for the socks, just 'cos we love them doesn't mean you will, although I agree that once worn you will love them.  They are almost sensual in their wearing!  'Second Sock Syndrome'  will certainly be a problem if you've got several unfinished projects knocking around.  Try some very small and very quick projects to fire the enthusiasm oncemore. Baby bootees are great and so are simple woolie hats (Coming from London I have NEVER come across the term 'London Beanie' but then no-one eats so-called English Muffins in the UK either!)

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Hey Bear. Simon stated it very well indeed - remember, knitting is supposed to be relaxing. One suggestion I would add if you feel you have bad knitting mojo - smudge your knitting basket with sage, and knit a nice relaxing scarf. Good luck!

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"thanks for the advice,  I will continue my socks and other projects.  It is getting very nice outside here in the Carolinas and i think my problem is more spring fever than anything else.  I have a baby blanket im also working on.  it is knitting up fast. unfortunatly i am using red heart.  a little to scratchy for me.  I would have rather used wool.  maby on the next one.

Hey all=
This is my first post,but I've been lurking (and enjoying) this site for a couple of months now.
I just started knitting socks in Jan.of this year, and already have one pair of socks actually completed, and 5(!!) different un-mated socks in progress right now.

I really enjoy the process (and the results) of sock-knitting, but in my desire to learn more and more patterns and techniques-found myself putting one half-done 2/2 rib pattern sock down, and starting a K3P1 rib...and so on.

It does get frustrating sometimes,having all sorts of unfinished things kicking around-maybe you need to just put EVERYTHING down for a bit,and look for a project that you think you'd be REALLY into making?

Perhaps, if you take a little "knitting time-out" for a few days, you'll go back to it with new passion?

Also, with the crappy Caron's yarn? Why don't you knit something fun and crazy (even experiment and just see what happens?) with it? Or.....take a deep breath,and donate it to a thrift shop OR ask knitting friends if they'd have any use for it?

(I went on a "I'm a new knitter Kee-razy metal needle buying spree" last year, and realised quickly that I hate the damned things. I'm much more comfortable w/bamboo so far.So,I donated the lot to a schoolteacher so she could teach some kids in her class.)

Try Sirdar's Snuggly for a change of pace. I made up a pair of socks in Snuggly that feels great and was so much fun to knit. The yarn is almost as much fun to work with as Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino or a good alpaca yarn. And the cost won't require a loan from the bank. The finished socks are almost sinfully luxurious and have excellent fit. Being a DK yarn, you can get away with a larger size of needle and fewer stitches.



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Hey Bear...Sock for me are a very portable project for me. I put a sock in my Basket(Longaberger Basket that is) and take it to work with me. Sock were ther first project that I learned on. My knitting guru told me why not start with socks, I started with them and got frustrated as you have and put them down, went to a dish cloth, then back to the socks. Got them done and then didn't do anymore for a year or more. I have a pair going on two sets of Bamboo DPN size 5, Iget one to the point where I need my guru by myside and then go to the other one and get it to the same point, get with my knitting guru and do the part I don't understand how to do on my own and go from there. It works for me, hope you can get thru this and get a pair done. I also have at least one other projdct going at the same time, a scarf or schall. Haven't tried a blanket yet. Good Luck.....


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But seriously, isn't a bad week knitting still better than a good week at work?  Unless, of course, you own a yarn store!