Here they are, the socks I entered for the Walla Walla County Fair. Not a very involved pattern, one row of K2P2 and the next row of nothing but K. It's not a very interesting pattern to knit, but it goes pretty fast because of all the K rows. The pattern is called "Garter Rib" and it's from Sensational Knitted Socks. Next year I'm going to do something a little more involved, like maybe a sweater. I want a bigger and fancier ribbon.

If I had a life, I'd be a dangerous man.



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Beautiful socks! Congratulations on the 1st place!



Congratulations! I've always wanted to do something like that with one of my cooking crafts. It's nice to get validation! Good going!


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Beautiful socks..............what a great validation of your work......to be recognized at the county fair. Will they go on to the state fair as well?

Knit on...........

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Dude! Brag on the blue ribbon!! Go You!!