Help! Looking for pattern

I saw a pattern, in the last month or so and bought the yarn to make it; but, I can't find the magazine with the pattern. I hope it is just lost in the house; but, having torn it apart, I am now cleaning and out of options.

OK, the pattern. It was made of multicolored triangles, muted maroon, blues, greens, gold. It was a woman's top, and I'm sorry I don't know styles that much. It was starting at the bottom two, three or more rows of sm-med sized triangles, followed by a solid same colored body (a muted purple), then more triangles like at the bottom, and I don't recall the rest of the pattern after that (I think short sleeves, no buttons, a pullover (i think). If anyone has seen it, or something that fits that descripton, I would appreciate any help. I think it came out in a spring, summer issue. I'm pretty sure it was knit, although I have crochet magazines too, I'm almost postive it was knit. Although after looking for the last several days, I don't think I'm positive about much anything right now other than, if I have it, I don't know where it is. Thanks for any help, if you can.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog This sounds like an Intarsia or Entrelac Pattern, If it is knitted this I hope will help you narrow it down.

Thanks Andy, I think you're right about that. I kind of remember entrelac being used in its description. I don't know if Entrelac can have more than one color in a row; but, if it can and does, then the example in wikipedia for Entrelac looks a lot like the style but with triangles instead of diamonds, and a color change for each triangle. But, the look is so similar, it has to be that. I'm hoping someone will remember seeing it in a magazine recently. Thanks for the idea. But, after 83+ reads, I'm losing hope of the easy way out.