Looking for a Good Mitten Pattern Using Magic Loop

Hi Guys:

I am looking for a pattern for use w/ the Magic Loop method (1 Long Circ Needle) for mittens. Anyone have a good, reliable basic pattern for this? I'd love to have it! Thank you :)


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You may try Interweave knits or Knit Picks .com and see if they have anything you like, remembering that anything done with double pointed needles can be aeasily adapted to circular. Also Are you looking for cables or plain mittens?

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If you want a basic (and infinitely adaptable) mitten pattern, I'd suggest "The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns" by Ann Budd. Page 8-15. She uses DPNs but you could do that with the Magic Loop Method if you really wanted to.

The great thing about this book isn't that it's all that creative (it certainly isnt!) but that all the patterns are suitable for a variety of sizes and gauges. You pick the size and the gauge and it'll basically give you the pattern.

The book also includes Gloves, Hats, Tams, scarves, Socks, Vests and Sweaters. All bare bones patterns - usable in their current state but also immensely adaptable.

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Thanks so much for your advice and for taking your time to explain. I really do appreciate it! Hope you are doing well and are experiencing a nice Autumn. It is beautiful here in Western North Carolina. We had the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair here last weekend. Was HUGE and so nice to see so much yarn and fiber!

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Just plain mittens right now. No frills, just the basics :)