Think I've made a huge mistake buying the Eskimo wool for the Drops Design Hoodie.  Dreadful stuff.  Horrible. Made the mistake - against my own previous advice - of buying the wool on-line so hadn't seen how crap it is! and the colour is awful!  It's an unstructured yarn a bit like Lopi.  It is very thick and looks like the matted dangly bits off a lamb's backside and I'm not talking about the tail, you understand.  It splits constantly and is felting as I knit.  The colour is a bilious green and not the pleasant sage-green I thought it was.  Not good value at all although it only set me back £36 ($50?).  I seriously doubt that the garment could be worn more than a few times without trashing and I would say it would be impossible to wash or clean.  One for the dog basket I think, except I don't own a dog...bugger!



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This is good info to have, Simon.  Sorry you're not happy with the yarn, but thanks for posting this.  I'm assuming this is Eskimo by Garnstudio (the Drops people).

You should post comments on Yarndex.  I think I've posted about Yarndex.com three or four times now, but it has so much information on it!  (I swear I don't work for them).  Anyway, you can leave comments about specific yarns.  There aren't a lot of comments on the site, but it would be great to know that someone else hated a particular yarn and why.

Yep - it is the Garnstudio yarn.  I haven't come across Yarndex,  I'll check them out.  I could do with a tad of retribution to cheer myself up.

I agree with JPaul - check out yarndex.com.  In addition to great info, they have most of the color cards available.  That green does look a bit strange - sorry you're not happy with it. 

What a bummer. It's tricky buying yarn online. I've mostly done it when I've seen someone rave about a yarn & I've seen it & felt it in a shop. Then ususally buy it  for a lot less online or ebay. This stuff sounds nasty though. I wonder what it is good for? 

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I broke my own rule.  I usually prefer to touch and feel the yarn since the finished garment is as much about the colour and the quality of of the yarn as it is the style of the pattern.  It's just that I was taken with the Hoodie pattern and in my greed wanted it NOW!  From the infomation on   www.yarndex.com - thanks JPaul - it should be easy to substitute. It's basically a Chunky Yarn. Now, where's that pattern for the felted slippers?

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 The wool selection here where we live is atrocious (on a good day) but I've been fearful of purchasing on-line and Simon's experience only serves to reinforcem my fears.

I'm wondering if anyone has used the Lana Grossa Italian wools.  I have the Filati patterns and love them and the patterns actually give the colour number and amount so that they can be ordered on-line.  But, I'm a little wary of making the purchase and I'm hoping someone on MWK knows the quality of this wool.


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Im going to try knit picks yarn for my next yarn purchase.

Have tried their Essentials. If all their yarn is of the same quality, I think you will like it. Basically, Essentials feels and knits like Schoeller-Stahl Socka. I love it!

Has anyone else had a different experience with Knitpicks? How about clueing us in?

Have fun,


We've made a couple orders from KnitPicks and have been very pleased.  I don't think you'll be disappointed by the quality of their yarn, and certainly not by the price.

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Hi Simon! I'm sorry to hear that you are not pleased with the Eskimo yarn. I knitted a sweater with poloneck a few years ago and it turned out well. As you already know the design has to be changed so it fits the yarn, a bit more narrow. And I've washed it by hand and it's no problem. Here is a very bad and blury picture.

Well I'm persevering but I'm not hopeful.  I had to rip it out and start a bigger size since despite knitting to the right tension it's still coming out too small.

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What size are you knitting with, size 9 mm? My experiance is that you can use a larger size than requested without changing the size of the sweater.

I'm knitting with ( or rather I was) 9mm needles.  I made certain the tension (gauge) was correct and the correct size, etc., but the woo,l being very loosely spun, contracts when being handled. So I'm starting over again but this time in the largest possible size - which is not doing my ego any good whatsoever!!!!  By the way, have you started any Aran jumpers yet?

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Yes I know what you mean. I knitted the red sweater with wooden needles but made the swatch with plastic material. Wooden needles don't "suck" as much as plastic and I mean in the way that the yarn get stuck to the needle.
No I haven't started the aran sweater but I bought the yarn on a weaving fair. I haven't find a pattern that I like and as you know it's a lot of work knitting an aran. I bought unwashed 2-ply woolyarn from a spinningfactory in Morjärv (WWW.morjarvullspinneri.se)wish is the most northern spinningfactory in Sweden, more north than the polarcirkul. And they have very good quality too :-)