Knitting Languages Book

JPaul told me about a wonderful reference book of knitting terms in foreign languages.  I have had need for such a book from time to time as I will occasionally get a pattern from Europe which is not in English.  Recently, I obtained a pattern in French to knit a Becassine doll and I couldn't follow it.

The book "Knitting Lanugages" by Margaret Heathman (2005) is a spiral bound 240 page book.  The dedication is noteworthy:  "This book is dedicated to all knitters who look beyond themselves to the wider world and embrace a universal knitting heritage."  Sounds to me a lot like our MWK community!  The languages translated into English are: Danish, Estonian, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and then a reverse listing of English into these languages.  I can speak some Italian so I found that section a lot of fun.  I photographed the page with the Swedish terms in honour of our Scandanavian members!

I ordered this on-line from Marsha White at The Needle Arts Book Shop in Toronto, Canada; she was lovely to deal with.  Her website is

I know there are so many knitting books out there and I am selective about which books take up shelf space in our home.  I am convinced that this one deserves to be included with my other books and I'm grateful to JPaul for recommending it to me.

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