Projects I've been working on

Hey guys!!
Finally getting around to posting some pictures of the projects that I have been working on. I finally got a pair of slippers done for my Granddaughter that I statred last spring. These were my first felting project and I had a great time making them, was really weird to pput them in the washing machine with hot water to felt them, you just don't do that, glad it turned out, whew!!
The bigger project in the picture is a baby blanket for my daughter that is expecting at any time. I was glad I got it done befor the baby came. the pattern is out of the first "stich n bitch" book, " The Big Bad Baby Blanket. It is made out of "Green Mountain Spinnary"Mountain Wool "Blur Velvet" is the color name. It looks blue in the picture but is really an purple "my daughters favorite color", with some blue in it. Seed stich boarder with blocks of knit and purl. I think it turned out very pretty, now I just hope my daughter likes it. She has this thing about Afgahans, and I am hoping she doesn't think this is a afgahan, if she does she is not getting the blanket
Anyway, hope you enjoyed and have a great knitting day!
" The Kilted Knitter"


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If your daughter doesn't want the baby blanket, I think it looks great send it to me.