Scarf Exchange

Well, I'm a bit late, but I'm done! Here is the scarf I'm mailing to my exchange pal TODAY, along with a trinket...a vase I threw earlier this summer and which I thought went very nicely with the scarf.
The scarf is Merino/Mohair, and is delightfully soft. The scarf pattern is the David from Ravelry. More info can be found on my Ravelry profile, captinjack.
Also, a lot more pictures at

Sorry I'm late, Stuart. I just couldn't bear to ask for help.


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From what I can tell from all the pictures, you picked a perfect yarn for this pattern. The recipient will be quite pleased I'm sure.

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Why, Thank you! I hope he's thrilled!

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Beautiful work and I'm loving the picture! So many talents.

"Sorry I'm late, Stuart. I just couldn't bear to ask for help."

No biggie. I know how life happens. As long as you were in touch with your spoilee, I'm satisfied.

Great job!

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Thanks, Stuart. The glare on the vase was a nightmare...I used the timer on the camera and then ran out of the room. I guess if I had on more clothes than just my underwear, it wouldn't have mattered, but oh well!

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Beautiful scarf and vase, we have so many talented guys here.



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