Cardigan for Myself

I wanted to try something to challenge me and since it was summer i thought i would work in cotton. This sweater is from Men In Knits by Tara Jon Manning and the pattern is knitted flat. I converted it to circular and am steeking the front and will steek the arm holes too. There was a small mistake in the pattern for the cable with the bobble but i corrected that and it is working well now.


Be sure to repost when this is finished! And, woo hoo, learned something new -- steeking! Thanks.


thairapist's picture

Yeah Steeks make life easy if you like circular knitting. You just sew with a sewing machine down each side a couple of times with a tiny stitch and very light tension and then cut them apart down the middle. Then use a herringbone stitch to tack the seams back.