Cardigan for my sister

Christmas is coming so I have set aside my own sweater and am knitting a sweater for my sister. It is my own design of a basket weave with a horseshoe cable on either side of the opening. I am working in Alpaca which is so amazingly soft.


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Both of your sweaters are gorgeous! You do beautiful work, looking forward to seeing more and welcome to MWK, glad to have you aboard.



That's great, and your own design too!. I know she'll love it. My love of knitting and crochet comes from the things I make for my wife, two daughters and other assorted friends! Does she know you're making it, or will it be a surprise? If a surprise, how did you get the measurements, did you just ask? My daughter & son in law love their dog, and I want to make a sweater for him (the dog); but, I don't know how to get the measurements without them getting suspicious, and none of my in-laws can keep their trap shut. It's almost like a secret is filthy lucre to be squandered on what ever gets you what you want. No, just kidding, they're not that bad; but, seriously, I don't know how to get the measurements on the dog.

Keep up the nice knitting and it's always good to see new people, and especially nice when they contribute.


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What great knitting you do. Your sister will love it. Right now i'm working on Irish Walking Scarf. You're way ahead of my level. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for the great comments guys.
I am having a great time with these two challenging projects. I have never done a cardigan and most of these cables are new to me so it should be interesting to see how it goes.
cyberchip the way i measure is to take the chest measurement of the chest and that is 100% and then all my other measurements are based off of that. I use Knitting In The Old Way and that has really given me the freedom to design my own sweaters. For the dog i would measure around his chest, the distance from the neck to tail. the neck and the thinnest area up under the belly. Make a gauge swatch to fine out how many stiches to the inch you have and do the math. Also you can always borrow a well loved sweater and measure it.

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This is really beautiful...................