some of you

right some of you have been asking for other examples of things I've knitted so far, I will upload some of the sweaters I am proudest of, but could not possibly upload pics of absolutely everything Ive ever made....enjoy!

PS is there no way of attaching more images to 1 message???, let me know, so i don't have to send single messages for every image


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1) if you have a photo site where you already have some posted, then you can

a) provide a url or html link to that site.

b)) use the url and html to show the image in the post


2) if you post the images to the MWK site as images then you can include them in the text of a post with html

3) you can attach them to the post as FILES; and then use the urls of those postings to include them in the text. or just let people decide to click on them.

Lots of options.

BTW - WOW! Intricate work.

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that is a fantastic sweater! great job!!

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First click on "Create Content" then "Image" in column on left. That brings you

Insert your image into the picture with the code:
<img src = ""
width="70" height="93">

mypicturename.jpg should be your picture's name & the witdth = ## and height = ## are optional and if included can be changed to what ever numbers work. You should get an image like you see here:

If you forget the name of your picture, you can right click on the image you downloaded onto the site "Created Content Image" and get the name there.
You can do this as many times as you want.
And, if you want to also include a link to the image so they can see it enlarged, use this code:
<a href="">
<img src = ""
width="70" height="93"></a>



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Wow. That is a spectacular piece of work!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks fantastic and very form fitting. When I do color Stranding I have to give it a bit more room for me lol! Great Job!

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Lars, You're alive!!! I haven't seen you in ages. Much love to you and Geoff. Still going to knitnight a CloseKnit?

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omg what a beautiful sweater..... what size needles did u use and yarn?

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Gorgeous sweater! I would love to know more about it, like material, when you made it, for whom etc.

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Jason...BEAUTIFUL WORK! are a wonderful addition to MWK!

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You have made some beautiful garments. I can't imagine knitting as good as you but then, I'm only a beginner. I am still working on the Irish Walking Scarf. Keep up the great work.
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Wow, that is amazing.

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Stunning work! The shaping of this is expert, the depth of color is gorgeous... I want to try it on right now!


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Truly a piece of art. Great knitting.

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Very, very nice. How long have you been knitting? How many of these jewels have you made? How long did this one take? How did you learn? Mom taught me, but she never did anything even close to what you're doing!

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Well basically I only used two colours, it's pure wool, now the background colour as you can see is white, the blue however was a problem, I had been looking around the country and all over the internet to find ice-blue wool, in the end I wound up paying a fortune to have it made especially for me.
I knitted it on and off, between November 2007 and April 2008, so back when I was still living in Vienna, over all, I guess I have knitted about 200 sweaters in either Nordic, Shetland, Arran or Fair Isle style, if I put my mind to it, and like the project I'm working on, I can knit about a sweater every fortnight.

I learned how to knit when I was 11, I am a violinist, and at that time I had some problems with my fingers being to stiff, my violin teacher told me to go knit something to supple up my fingers, unfortunately, I liked knitting so much, I never stopped.

Anyway, I knitted this sweater for my twin-sister, she wanted the perfect skiing jersey, and this is what she wound up with!

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....I knit for my identical twin brother...but he's a bit heavier than I....maybe because he's 45 seconds older...LOL