More Picture Handling

Since I did the code; I thought I'd publish it in a forum where it can be found more easily: To use this site to publish more pictures in your comment:


First click on "Create Content" then "Image" in column on left. That brings you

Insert your image into the picture with the code:
<img src = ""
width="70" height="93">

mypicturename.jpg should be your picture's name & the witdth = ## and height = ## are optional and if included can be changed to what ever numbers work. You should get an image like you see here:

If you forget the name of your picture, you can right click on the image you downloaded onto the site "Created Content Image" and get the name there.
You can do this as many times as you want.

And, if you want to also include a link to the image so they can see it enlarged, use this code:
<a href="">
<img src = ""
width="70" height="93"></a>

Adding a simple linked word...

Or to add a simple linked word, like this: MWK

the code is:  <a href="">MWK</a>



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Yep that's the code to add extra pictures, but please spare a thought to the download time of page, before adding more than one image.

Not everyone downloads pages onto a fast PC with a broadband connection. Try downloading a page with several large images onto a mobile device, like a PDA running Windows Mobile and the page will probably never load fully. Or download on a metered mobile connection and your charges will go sky high.

So, really this was a plea to think twice before adding content in this way. It's probably one of the reasons why the designers of the site didn't build this functionality in in the first place.

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in many ways the "add as an attached file" is the best option- it gives people the option to download or not.

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