Yeah! Knitty Fall Edition now on-line

If you haven't been impatiently checking the Knitty website in the last day or so, you may not know that the autumn (fall?) edition of this on-line magazine is now available. Along with our very own "Men Who Knit", Knitty has to be one of the best resources for news and creativity on the net (they aren't paying me to say this, not even in free yarn).

This issue makes up for a previous omission by having two garments for men, a really cool zippered cardigan by Jesse Loesberg and and an argyle vest (with a twist) by Sarah Sumner-Eisenbraun.

Of course there's loads of other stuff that I've not looked at yet because I wanted to share it with you guys first:-)


stch's picture

Both garments caught my eye too, along with the cap titled Morgan. Finally a knitted version of the style of cap I wear.