CIP at Dragon*Con

I have a crocheting project that is a surprise gift that I've been trying to focus on lately. All my other knitting and crocheting projects are on hold right now so I can get this done as soon as possible.

I took time off to go to Dragon*Con last weekend and figured that this was the best time to make some good progress on the project. I carried it around with me all weekend and pulled it out whenever my hands were free. I didn't get any strange looks at all, but I didn't really expect any... not in a crowd like that. I got several positive comments and all in all it was a good experience.

There was also a young woman in front of me in the registration line who was knitting some cute socks while we waited. Overall, I didn't see a whole lot of knitters and crocheters, although EVERYONE seemed to be sporting knitted Jayne hats (from Firefly), and there were a few crocheted Flying Spaghetti Monsters.


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I was at D*C too - I got a pic of an FSM hat at Evening in Bree Friday(I'm a big Emerald Rose fan). Yeah, those firefly hats were a common sight, as were Dr. Who scarves.

I brought my knitting, but didn't get much done, I was moving too often, or too tired (Saturday nearly wiped me out - started about 10:00 AM and finished with Rocky Horror about 5:00 AM Sunday).

Had a good time overall.