computer stuff~well and truly autumn

My new (used) computer: an apple powerbook G4, does not recognize when I've plugged in my cannon digital camera...My old PC showed a device plugged in...this one does NOTHING and I am getting a little frustrated. How am I to photo all my lovely projects?

I am going to my first knitnight in absoulutely AGES with the Portland to Dublin scarf, which I can't decide if I like or not. As it's a rather heavy material, I made it skinnier than usual. I'll see if someone can photog it at Knitpurl tonight. It must be well and truly autumn...I'm doing my own knitting again.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Hey Sunshine, Go to the Camera website and see if there is an Apple driver that you need to install so that your powerbook recognizes the device!

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Welcome to the world of Apple Like Andy said, you need a driver installed for your camera. There should be an installation disc that came with your camera, or the web site for the camera manufacturer.

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i had the same problem and it was resolved once i installed driver software that came with camera

we put birds on things

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If, for some reason, you cannot get the drivers to work, you can pick up a very inexpensive card reader (probably less than $10 at any Best Buy, Office Max, etc). That will allow you to remove the memory card, plug it into the reader and plug the reader into the USB port on your laptop. I do this and it works like a dream :)



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I went to KP for was a nice group even though no one brought cookies, wish you were there.

Thanks. I'll pick up a card reader today. Problems finding a driver for this computer and I'm not good with such things anyways.

What version of the OS are you using? I have plugged many disparate devices into both of my Macs (MacBook and MacBook Pro) and have only been required to install a driver to use an item once (that was for a hard drive-based video camera that used a proprietary video codec. The laptops saw the camera, but could not read the files stored therein).