End to end striped scarf?

Hey guys-
A very dear friend just sent me some beautiful yarns in a couple of different shades of orange (my favorite color).

I'm envisioning a scarf knitted from end to end, maybe self fringing, with thin (like 1 row) alternating stripes of the various colors..... Doesn't seem like it would be that hard, yet can't seem to find a definitive pattern.... my main question would be how do you finish the rows? Most of the instructions I've seen just seem to have you stop and leave the fringe..... seems like the scarf would just fall apart?
Thanks as always for the great advice!


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I've got a "scrap-ghan" on the needles where I'm changing colors every row. What I'm doing is after two rows are finished, I just hold the ends of the yarns together as one yarn and do a simple overhand knot to tie them together. Poof, instance fringe and the stitches won't fall out.

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Look forward to seeing your completed scrap-ghan. Is it garter stitch or stockinette stitch? Or are you using some pattern stitch?

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I'm using a garter/slip stitch sort of pattern. It's a one row pattern so it's easy. Cast on a multiple of 6 stitches plus 2. *Knit 5, yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back*, repeat between *'s, and end with knit 2. Be sure to turn before doing the next row. You get a reversible fabric that has columns of the slipped/knit stitches on a background of garter stitch. It's has a sort of pleated effect when it's not pulled out flat. And since I'm using a different color on each row, even thought it's reversible, each side looks slightly different than the other because the slipped stitches from one side to the other are different colors.

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you may be VERY surprised at how much the scarf grows when you take it off the needles!!!!