Yarn Dyeing

I was searching on Amazon for a book on natural dyeing. Does anyone dye yarn and do you have a favorite book? This is not something I plan on doing right now but thought I would read up.

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One of the latest things hitting the natural dyeing scene is dyeing with fungus and lichens and mushrooms. I believe the book title is "A rainbow under my feet"

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Close... "The Rainbow Beneath My Feet" this book is as fascinating as they come (in my dorky opinion at least). It's written by a woman called Arlene (SomethingOrOther), oh... its here http://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Beneath-My-Feet-Mushroom/dp/081560680X


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There are several groups on Ravelry dedicated to dyeing, you might want to check them out.



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Another good book for natural dying is Rita Buchanan's book "A Dyer's Garden". There are some great ideas in there about dyeing with things from your garden.

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HHI I would "second" the gentleman's recommendation above, which is the "Dyers Garden" by Rita Buchanan. ISBN# 1-883010-07-1 and published by Interweave Press. Interweave also has a website where you can order from then on the net, but this will be available to you in any Barnes & Noble or Amazon if not in stock at store. It doesn't appear (I have pulled the book open to check for you) that she talks about using butternut or walnut for dying, but......having been a basket weaver and having used the walnuts in the past for dying, I can tell you that it works on reed and I am sure it would also work on yarn. I still would recommend the "Dyer's Garden" It retails at about $13 and has excellent information about what perinneals to plant for the specific purpose of dying yarn.

Good luck....and let me know how it turns out! :) J.

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I'm not much of a dyer, at least not yet, but I follow Sandra Rude's blog and she's been doing some cool stuff with wood shavings. Her husband is a woodworker and so she has a ready supply of exotic wood shavings. I think she extracts the dyes with alcohol.


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If you want the webpages I found when looking for dyeing with walnuts here they are.



http://home.onemain.com/~crowland/Pages/Walnut.html (found in the Ravelry group Natural Dyeing)

http://cavemanchemistry.com/oldcave/projects/dye/index.html (sent by Tallguy)

Thank you for all the terrific information! I will definitely check out the book and the web pages. My goal is to spin and dye yarn but I have not had much time for spinning this year. I hope to over the winter.