YAY for Holiday knitting!

I'm proud to say I just put in my yarn order in and im stoked...I'm SOOO getting everything done this year...Everything i picked is a fast knit but comes out GREAT....

3- hemlocks

1- Mary Jane Cardigan

and thats it....TOTALLY doable!


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I know it is beginning to feel a lot like THE HOLIDAY SEASON! This is one of the most fun seasons for me!

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Wow, that's quite ambitious. I don't really have any holiday knitting to do, I'm making scarfs for our daughters but I need to get them done before the holidays.



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Well I can knit a hemlock in a few days...so i think i shoul dbe able to get them all done in time :-)

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...