A Spinning Wheel Question

Hey Guys, I just realized that my parents have a functioning "saxony" style spinning wheel that they are using for decoration. I think it came from the Yarn Barn many years ago. My father, of all people, will be allowing me to borrow the wheel, so that I practice spinning wool for the first time. Currently, there is not a tension line (I guess that is what you call it) connecting the wheel to the bobbin. My question is, what should I use to connect this up to make it work.

Can not wait to use this thing to make my own yarns!!!


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Simple cotton string would work fine as long as you can get the correct length of loop.

You could also google "spinning wheel drive band" to get a replacement for your wheel. I got one from here a while ago and it works just fine:


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I just use kitchen string (the stuff used to tie up roasts etc when they're cooking) from the supermarket. Works fine and is cheap! Some people I know use fishing line. One thing that really worked - if you can get it - is waxed gardening string. It has it's own grip and tying knots is easy as the wax helps to pull it tight. Don't know the proper name for it, and you can't seem to get it down here anymore.

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Thanks QueerJoe and Andy for the advice. I cannot wait to try this out.

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I had to replace the string on my wheel recently and a friend ( a spinner) had a spool of waxed linen. Linen is nice because it doesn't have any elasticity, so the length of it shouldn't increase. The wax helps it grip the surface so there's less slippage.

You can contact her at www.cottagefiber.com and see if she has any more. Tell her Ames sent you.

Loosen the tension all the way, or nearly all the way and put the band on so that the slack from tying the knot is pulled out. Also I might recommend using a weaver's knot. You can google that as well. It lays a little flatter, so that you don't have that "bump" when the knot comes through.

good luck and good spinning!