scarves and speedy speed.

The scarf for Irishcub is done, and am working on another one...watched the Brit "Queer as Folk" season 1 and knit last night. Bliss...gorgeous full moon, warm night, crickets and frogs on Sauvie Island (just N of Portland, OR)~where I live. Hitting some knit nights. Social beast that I am. Getting the speed back up. Aiming for 2 st/sec average.

Sorry...Images soon, promise.


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Sounds fabulous! Living in London I can only dream of warm nights and sitting on the porch.

What did you think of the cast in Brit QAF?

2st/sec... wow you're a knitting machine.



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I thought the acting was much better than the US version... The only one I'd shag died in the second episode. I don't understand why Stuart is supposed to be so hot. I was tickled everytime I saw a right hand drive Jeep. The young twinkie (Nathan)...his character was kind of uneven...Really immature in one scene, and then more adult than all the other characters even though he was only 15. I LOVE Hazel. I like the UK uncle figure much better. The US version was such a whiner.

Rosalie, at the mart...Am I crazy, but inspite of not wearing any makeup...that woman is GORGEOUS...LIKE SUPERMODEL GORGEOUS. I have a girl-crush on that actress.