The Hat from Hell

Bobble Hat

This is not the sort of project that would normally appeal to me, but it was a special request by a friend who positively assured me that she would actually wear such a hat.  More than once.  In public.

In a what-was-I-thinking-in-the-middle-of-the-night moment, I started knitting with worsted weight yarn on US 2 needles, producing a fabric which stands on its own and could possibly be substituted for Kevlar.  To make things worse, I used dpn's because I didn't have any  circular needles in that size.  Very soon I had to move one quarter of the stitches to a holder because they were falling off the needles, and I became rather adept at substituting needle for holder on every round.

In the end I'm pleased with the hat, and it actually fits!  However, I learned a couple of valuable lessons:  (1) use appropriate tools for the job, and (2) when something is going badly right from the start, rip it out and start again.

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You should be pleased, this is an AWESOME hat!  Sometimes a project that is a lot of work is also gives a lot of satisfaction.  Thanks for the great pic!  Paul 

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Yes, it is unusual, but it's an amazingly brilliant piece of work too!  Very nice!

Yes, what we will do for our friends ... I would love a few pictures of the expressions on the faces of those that see that hat in public for the first time.

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What a wonderful creative piece of work.  That is truly a friend to go to all that trouble and bravo to them in realizing that the hat should definitely be worn and seen and enjoyed.  Take a bow.